Who We Are

PC-WORLD COMPUTERS LIMITED was founded on 6th July 2001 by Ameen Jivani and Mansoor Karani, both of whom were and are avid tech enthusiasts.

Throughout the years they have shared a single vision on the direction of PC-World Computers and today they are happy to boast that they have created a successful and sustainable business that specializes in supply/support of computer equipment, IT solutions, software, cabling and other IT based services to help customers with management and maintenance of their IT infrastructure.

PC-World Computers has since grown from a small Computer store located in the busy Central Business District of Kampala on Kyagwe Road to opening up outlets in Uganda’s second largest city of Mbarara and third largest of Jinja.

PC-World Computers has since relocated to a more spacious facility with a bigger store, enough customer parking and less traffic clogs situated on Bukoto street with the fastest responsive IT Customer Support Center in Uganda to cater for the every growing number of clients.We have built an extensive network of suppliers and business partners like Microsoft, HP, Dell, Toshiba, Lenovo, Acer, Canon, Epson among the many.

PC-World Computers’ technicians frequently undergo extensive training at each of these partners to equip them with the latest technologies to better serve our clients.We also assist our customers with the implementation and planning of new IT projects and help to design the tailor made solutions for their needs.



Our products range from computer peripherals, to desktop computers, laptops and servers. We supply known and trusted brands ensuring as little downtown as possible for our valued customers to allow them achieve their full potential through trusted technology and skills.


We distribute many software applications that have been carefully chosen based on standards of excellence, reliability, and quality of service. We provide a complete service in technical support, advice, and personalized software orientation.


 To get repeat performance; machine maintenance is a key factor.
For your valuable products, we offer Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMC) to ensure that your system is working efficiently and you have the much needed peace of mind.


PC-WORLD COMPUTERS has spent a lot of time in developing its business process to allow for the proper management, control and support of its infrastructure. These functions consist of three parts.

PC-World Computers undertakes to deliver all goods ordered to the client depending on availability and quantities. This is because some goods are directly imported. The equipment will be properly packed and sealed for delivery where by the delivery cost* will be included in the initial price quoted by PC World Computers.

All units are pre-configured and will be ready for use by the clients. If PC-World Computers is responsible for the installation of Business Approach equipment, it must be coordinated with the appropriate account manager at PC-World Computers head office. Scheduled meetings will be held between the client and PC-World Computers to ensure quality control.

Any party reserves the right to request a meeting if so required. In the case of serious problems / shortcomings, the Managing Director can be requested to attend and assist with problems.


It remains the responsibility of the client to communicate any problems whatsoever to the PC-World Computers Support Center at the head office, Bukoto Street. You can call or physically visit our quick responsive Customer Service Center. All goods received from the client whereby information is involved (PC’s with user data), will be strictly confidential. PS (It is strongly recommended that regular backups be done by the client).

Incase of replacements, we boast a stocked store for original parts and in the event, the replacement is out of stock, we place an order on your behalf and proceed to replace once it is shipped.

PC-World Computers Customer Support Center services;
• Warranty information & queries
• Troubleshooting
• Repair & Replace

Contact our technicians today;
Hotline: +256 414 543 447
Email: technicalsupport@pcworldcomputers.net